How to get more traffic from social media?


What is the process to build up social media followers from scratch and how to drive traffic from it?


Hi @Anvesh, Social Media is not just a single network, it has plenty of popular ones like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, etc… I generally have two accounts, one for my personal use and one for my blog/brand use. :slight_smile:

Coming back to your question… I’ll divide them into two, answering this now:

1. The first and foremost method is, to connect with your existing friends on your Social Media profile. Add all your close friends first, interact with them, and have a strong connection.

2. Find the people who like the same thing you like, suppose, if you love reading books, then getting connected with similar folks will build a good social media relationship. You can join popular Facebook groups for books and interact with them.

3. Now that you are connected with your friends + other folks with whom you share the same interest, you need to share quality/interesting/controversial updates on your profile.

These are the 3 standard steps you should follow to build a powerful Social Media connection and get good followers. These are indeed the basic steps, but this is how it works for everyone. :slight_smile:

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And coming back to this question:

Since you already got connected with folks who love reading, then whatever updates you share about books will reach them, and you’ll get a good response. So if you have a blog about books and stuff, then you can use your own profile for getting good traffic/sales. You can create a Facebook page as well. :slight_smile:

But, instead of just sharing the links directly, you can promote them using Images, GIFs or even as a normal status update, it’s your creativity that makes the most out of this.

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