How to get more Facebook Page likes through Facebook Ads

I know this topic is going to upset a lot of people who have been earning through this method. But, let’s give a chance for others to learn too :smiley:

So, The topic would be on how to get More Facebook likes, and not everyone might be aware. Since, i’ve already covered properly in an article so, here i’ll be giving it a little short.

The main concern after we start something is building Social Media Presence around our Venture or Brand. How do we do this? We create social handles and post over them, Invite our friends and sometimes participate in the Like for Like groups. Some people who are short of time and have money at their disposal can easily order them from Panels.

In this, I’ll guide you a bit on how to grow your pages through Facebook ads.
Steps involved:

  1. You need to research about the trending topics and know which one is on the rise throughout the time or say for a period of 2 weeks.
  2. After finalizing the topic, create an attractive poster for this. It can be like an image on left side and right side with a downward arrow you can write, XYZ supporters hit like. This works in 99% cases.
  3. Once done, Create an ad and select the Page likes objective.
  4. You need to remember that, Whatever the topic you choose, you should target that particular country as the audience.
  5. Set the Target Audience. Let’s say India
  6. The age group should always be kept as 15-35 as this group is the most active one on Facebook throughout the years.
  7. Once, all of this has been set up you’re ready to go on with your campaign.

This method can easily fetch you around 0.05-0.08 Cost per like for your Facebook page and within a budget of 200, you can get 2500-4000 Likes on your page. This is just a short part of the whole thing.

In case you have doubt, please reply to this thread and i’d be happy to help you :grinning:

At what price do you think such pages are sold at?

As per what I’ve observed, the rates vary a lot depending upon the buyer. The Page value depends upon what it has in monetization settings too. In case, it has monetization enabled then it can easily be sold for anything between Rs. 5-8K or even more. Since, I don’t have much experience I can’t comment with surety.

The factors that affect the price:

  1. Page likes
  2. Green or Red in moentization