How to get increase cpc of keyword



Hello, friends

I have micro niche site which have cpc more than 0.30$ and even 1$ and 2$ for some keyword. Currently, i ranking on such 0.30 and 0.40$ cpc keyword. But, i got less cpc 0.6$.

3 days ago cpc was 0.13$ , 2 days ago 0.08 , yesterday it was 0.07 and it was today only 0.06. why it is decreasing. Any way to increase it?


Hi @Tushar_Ramani, CPC depends on various factors bro. :frowning: We can blame the advertisers or our blog visitors, it could be anyone. We can definitely try to improve further, but it’s just a trial and error experiment.

Make sure you are using the most profitable ad sizes, it’ll help you to maximize your earnings via CPC & CTR. And don’t block any unnecessary ads, only block them if it doesn’t interest you or match your blog’s core topics.

Most successful ad sizes:


Thank you @pradeepkumar for your reply.