How to get FREE Akismet API Key for WordPress & Other Services!



Spamming is everywhere! Emails, Social Media, Websites, Forums, etc. But, thankfully, we have some measures to prevent them from occurring, especially if you have your own hosted websites.

Quite recently, when I was interacting with some folks about Akismet, a spam filtering service from the parent company of WordPress, they were confused about how to get it for free and what are the drawbacks related to that as well. Let me share the procedure and explain that here.

Akismet API Key for Free… But?

There are some minor drawbacks as well, let’s discuss about that in the end.

1. Go to the Akismet for WordPress website. Click on the “Activate Akismet” button.

2. If you already have a account, then use that to log in, else, create a new one for this. You’ll see 3 Akismet Plans here, just pick the 1st “Personal Plan.” Click on the “Get Personal” button.

3. Now, it’ll show $36/year for this plan, but that’s not a mandatory one. You can move the toggle slider option to the left and it’ll become $0.

I merged two screenshots here to show the price change:

That’s all. Just enter your Personal Site and Contact Info. Click on the “Continue with Personal Subscription” button.

Tada! Your Free Akismet API Key is ready for use!

But, there is something you should understand here, this API Key is FREE strictly for non-commercial websites. If you are using it on your personal blog and if you later monetize it, then you badly need to have a word with them to avoid any issues in the future.

Do let us know if you have any queries related to this, happy to help!