How to get featured in "Top Stories" section in SERP?

(Vineet Gupta) #1

I am doing SEO of a website having DA 70+. We make softwares & market it via SEO.

How can I get our articles in “Top Stories” section in SERP?


(Vigneswaran S) #2

Submit your website on Google News


(Vineet Gupta) #3

Thanks for your revert bro.

Is that all need to be done or anything else?

(Vigneswaran S) #4

Nothing bro. Just wait for your website approval. :relaxed:

(Rishabh Sharma) #5

My blog has been on google news twice.

Few pointers:

  1. You need to produce quick content relative to the topic
  2. You should have some authority
  3. Pray that no big news site covers the same topic

I personally found that google treats news site to be more trust worthy and hence they always show these result automatically.

P.S. I had no approval from google or anything.

(Pradeep Kumar) #6

If your website has a ‘blog’ section, then you can optimize it for ‘news’ format articles bro. :slight_smile: