How to get a GOOD FEEL of the backlink creation process?



I have been creating comment back links using

I didn’t get good sites to comment on, ZERO in my niche, and those blogs I created the links on were so old that I doubt if they’ll ever be approved :disappointed_relieved: I still made my best effort to write the comment in a way that it is published. Even if it is approved, Google will not grant enough authority because there is no connection between the blog’s niche and the niche of my link.

Please give me some suggestions… I am really annoyed by the process… I want to create good quality back links within my niche without relying too much on comments…


This is my first time creating back links, also first time commenting in this forum… so please forgive me if I have made any mistake…


Hi @Nadal_Navin, thanks for picking HBB Forum and happy to see your first post bro. :slight_smile:

I know how hectic it’ll be to create backlinks these days. :frowning: But always give preference to your blog content, then your social media content, and come back to backlinks. This is the order I usually follow.

If you are interested in getting backlinks via blog commenting, then keep these in mind:

1. Relevancy: If you are running a tech blog, then don’t comment on fashion/sports/etc blogs using your tech blog link, you can do that once in a while, that’s natural, but for link building, don’t do that.

2. Authority: Authority as in, pick the top blogs having good DA/PA, you can spy on your competitors, and find the blogs they commented, make a list and filter out the articles having good PA and less Spam Score. Comment on them.

Just focus on these two and check your results every month via Moz OSE tool!


Another Good way of Creating Backlinks is using Competitor Anylisis

May be this will help you in Creating Some Quallity Backlinks!


Thanks for replying to my query. :slight_smile:

What are the steps I should take for “competitor analysis”? How do I start and what should be my goals? What information I should be looking for and when do I know I have got enough?


I can use ahrefs. I have the tools and that’s a good thing. Methodology needs to be refined :stuck_out_tongue:


Analyze the top 5-10 search results of the “keyword” you are targeting and then spy on their backlinks strategy mate. And yes, Ahrefs should be good. :slight_smile: