How to ged rid of these ads display on blog


Recently i faced problems with my blog displaying ads like showing in image. I deactivated all plugins even changed theme too. But still it appears in mobile browsers


Hi @Harpreet_Kumar

Check your site footer section and remove this two scripts. These two scripts present below your hallobar script.


Where I can find these scripts sir? I use genesis with parallax pro child theme


Visit Appearance >> Widgets Section and Check all the footer section Widgets. If you find that script on your footer section then remove it. Ex: Refer this screenshot.


Doesn’t have here sir. Is it possible to available in theme editor?


yes, Check your footer.php theme code. These scripts are present between your hello bar js and Analytics Script.


Sir there no code showing inside theme footer php. Please provide me another solution


Need to check all your site code. So, Ask any PHP expert to check your files. Otherwise, Allow me to check your site files.