How to gain fame through Social Media other than FB, Twitter, & Pinterest?


Hello HBB,
I am in need of gaining some global reach for my New Facts related Social Media Startup. If I have Facebook Page, Instagram account & Twitter handle, how can I drive traffic and make people look my content?

Is there anyway to post my Facts & Science info Images to any other popular platform and gain fame? I need some suggestion for expanding my Facts Niche.

Thanks in advance.

Sathish S.


You forgot one important platform mate… try Imgur, it’s pretty popular, and it can generate quality traffic as well. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how effective it’ll be, but you can also try starting a Facebook group exclusively for this, once it becomes a solid community, you can easily grab your audience and promote further.


Awww. Thanks mate. :v::blush: Let me check out that. :raised_hands:


If you’ve decided to take your Internet stardom into your own hands, just follow the steps below and your name will be known around the web before you know it. These are some really good strategy & tips to get fame online. Infographic:


That’s a great reply and the resources seems to be rocking. Thanks for the info mate. :wink::v::blush:

By the way @pradeepkumar bro thanks for this forum. :v::kissing_heart: