How to fix Flux Capacitor Error in Wordpress?


(Vigneswaran S) #1

Today, I installed Wordpress. After, Install I got error similar like below

(Pradeep Kumar) #2

This is a strange WordPress error bro. :open_mouth:

May I know when exactly you got this error? While installing WordPress via cPanel, where?

(Vigneswaran S) #3

Yes bro, This error came while Installing Wordpress via cpanel.

Now, I fixed this error.

My primary domain has HTTP Secured. I created a subdomain and try to install WordPress on it. During Install hosting automatically choose So, This error occurs on my WordPress blog. I google it but didn’t get an answer. So, I tried many methods. Finally, find a solution of why this error occurs?

I fixed this error by changing https to http in a database (wp_option table).