How to Find High Engaging Twitter Hashtags



Keeping the post quite short and simple. I’ve attached 2 of my Twitter Analytics screenshots for some influence (lol)

I’ll be Using Hashtagify for let’s say, Android niche

Now use some common sense and pick up 4-5 good Hashtags!

What do I recommend?

Pick hashtags which are :

  • Niche Relevant

  • Populariy > 73

  • Correlation : Seed Hashtag and Suggested hashtags should’ve some niche relevance.

Pick up #android #androidgames #gameinsight #iphone as they all are correlated and have some niche relevancy as well. Leave out the rest of the hashtags (check the attached image for referrence)

Suggested Tools

2 of my recent monthly screenshots. These figures aren’t big, but I guess good enough for an alternate account! :slight_smile:

  • Jan 2017 : When I started Spamming

  • Feb 2017 : When I started Spamming, smartly :stuck_out_tongue:

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  • Use Buffer to Rebuffer your old high engaging posts

  • Suggested number of Hashtags(should be relevant with the content) to be used : 1-4

Hashtags on Facebook : Crap. None of them boosted my visibility whatsoever!

Does Spamming help?


Yeah it surely does. But personal engagement leaps down a lot of times.

I would spam upto 5-8 Hashtags sometimes lol

I personally use Hashtagify for Twitter. You can use the other tools I’ve mentioned!


  • Spam your Hashtags in comments section :slight_smile: it surely increases your reach.

  • Don’t spam in the caption section, it looks cluttered and not-so aesthetic. Followers might unfollow you, considering you’re spamming quite a few times :stuck_out_tongue:

@pradeepkumar wrote similar content, check it out : Popular #Hashtags on Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & More)

How can we get Social Signals for free online?

Haha, I haven’t tried this, will definitely try to use some hashtags in the comments section. :smiley: