How to find broken links of any website

(Sudip Majhi) #1

Is there any software, browser extension or anything (except WP plugin) to find all 404 error pages at once?

(Shivansh Verma) #2

Yup, see this:

(Pradeep Kumar) #3

You can also try this software mate - Screaming Frog ( :slight_smile:

(Sudip Majhi) #4

Thanks for this Chrome extension.

(Sudip Majhi) #5

I think the free version of this tool has a restriction of 500 queries. I am actually looking for a free way to find that. Anyway, @Shivansh’s extension seems to work well. Also, I have just got a website called (Just sharing. In case someone doesn’t want to use browser extension).

(Pradeep Kumar) #6

Thanks for sharing mate, will look into this. :slight_smile:

(Samba Siva) #7

Here are some awesome sites and tools:

  2. screaming frog
  3. Xenu’s Link Sleuth
  4. deadlinkchecker
  5. Check my links ( chrome plugin )

(Kevin Johnson) #8

I am using the same website to find broken links on my site.

(Sudip Majhi) #9

Thanks for making a list. It would help me as well as many other people.

(Sudip Majhi) #10

@Kevin_Johnson Hope you are getting good result. :+1:

(MP) #11

Great thread. I installed the chrome extension and it works like a charm. Thanks.

(Rishabh Sharma) #12

To check my site broken links I use Broken Link check Plugin. It automatically tells you which links are broken and you can take the action accordingly through plugin itself!!