How to embed Google drive Videos & display Adsense advertisement?

(Soham Pratap) #1

I want to embed videos on my site from Google drive. I also want to display Adsense advertisement or any sponsored advertisement when video is paused.
Is there any plugin?

(Pradeep Kumar) #2

I haven’t implemented this @Soham_Pratap, but you can check this AdSense for video content page, I think it should be possible… but what videos are they? It belongs to you or 3rd party ones mate? :slight_smile:

(Soham Pratap) #3

The videos are self shot. Basically all about Textile Machinery. I don’t want it to be on YouTube just on my website.

Any way I can embed it and also include some advertisement when paused?

(Pradeep Kumar) #4

Can you kindly embed it in any post and share it with me bro? I’ll see if it can be monetized further by looking at it…

(Soham Pratap) #5

Ok I’ll work on it. And get back to you.