How To Earn Money Using Yahoo Answers and Quora



Today we talk about how to earn money without ranking on Google.

(I have tried this method for last 3 years and it always works for me.This is for those ppl who are not good at SEO but still want to get some traffic on their blog.

I have attached proof of one of my blog below, traffic is not much but all of that is Tier 1 country traffic so earning was awesome. and basically, all earning+traffic was for free and without too much hard work. So who minds right?)

The Things You Need:-

  1. A Blog
  2. Good Number of Keyword researched Articles
  3. 2-4 Yahoo Answers account.

Am going to share what I do and how it works.Hope this helps you.

It differs with niche, I have only tried 3 niche with Yahoo Answers and those are Tech, Anime and Education.

I think this process will work with every niche, all you need to do is research, as am saying from very first post of mine.

Yahoo is a big company and a very big Internet site and has lots of authority which makes everything of theirs rank automatically.

With Yahoo Answers we have 2 options, either ask a question there and make it rank or just find a Yahoo question which is already ranking and then comment your answer and out your blog or post link in there.

1) Asking a question and making it rank:- Its not always easy to rank your question on Google, it’s hard especially with Tech blogs so feel free to read what Am writing but this part is not for Tech blogs.

This part works good with EDU blogs and niches that have low competition. Use your basic SEO skills while writing a question on Yahoo answers.

Get a good Title with your keyword in it and make sure your question is 1-2 paragraph long and make sure it
looks like a real problem and question otherwise mods will remove it.

Use your keyword 2-3 times in the question and once in the Title atleast so that makes it easy to rank.

Now wait for sometime and then answer from your 2nd ID and make sure your write a good and long answer. 100 words answer is more than enough.

Now wait for it to rank and you are golden.

2) Finding already ranked posts and commenting there:- This part is for tech blogs.

There are 2 parts to this too.
(Am going to have a hard time explaining this bcoz am bad with words, so bear with me)

1st) Find the tech related posts that are already ranking on Google and then write articles about them on your blog. This way you only write articles that you are going to get traffic on thus saving time.

2nd) If you already have keyword researched articles written on your blog you can check if Yahoo Answers is ranking for any of them and then drop your comments there.

This part needs some research to get started.If you are not good in keyword research and Googling then you will have a hard time executing this.

Let me know if you want to learn how to create a successful Education blog with little to no SEO knowledge … I will post if enough people seem interested :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot @damngoodiam for sharing this, I was a regular Yahoo! Answers user, I used to promote my blog links there years back. I wish I did this in a better way, naturally, I was a kid back then, things changed a lot.