How to Earn From Movie Blog, 3k-4k Daily Traffic!


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I am Running a Movie Blog and I m using Pop Ad Network On That But Not Earning Good Amount. I have Daily 3k to 4k Traffic Daily. Can You Guys Suggest Some More Monetisation Methods so that I can Get Some More Profit From My Blog !

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If your blog is about entertainment(no piracy), then you should go with AdSense only, because they give you higher CPC compare to other ad network.

Or you can apply to native ads network like taboola. Pop Ad Network are for warez traffic. Marketer use it because they provide cheap traffic with higher volume.


What about you mean by “Movie Blog” bro? You’ll write about “Movie Reviews” and stuff or what exactly? We have MoviesDrop and we do a different kind of movie content, we used Google AdSense for the time being.