How to decrease loading time of Wordpress blog


I hosted My blog on Hostinko and installed wordpress. Using the default Twentyseventeen theme, I installed Wp-rocket and used Cloudflare. I still want to decrease the loading time.

The empty blog stats on Sweden server on first test on pingom.

How to optimize it more properly?



minify Java & CSS
Optimise images.
Install Wp Optimize plugin run it and then delete it.
Limit the no. Of plugins you are using. If not using then delete it. Just don’t keep it disabled.


minify java and css done, images done, wp optimize also installed and removed, just using 2 plugins as of now.


To be honest, I wouldn’t actually suggest you to optimize it so hard by sacrificing so many things bro. If your website is loading faster, and if it’s responsive enough, then I think it’s quite fine bro. :slight_smile:


@pradeepkumar I still want to hit 100 in gtmetrix and come up with a method on blog to hit 100 :confused:


Once you start to add content, the score will start to fluctuate mate, that’s why!


this score is enough ? for a normal blog on niche like blogging, tech or tricks?


More than enough, but again, this score won’t be stable bro, that’s the worst part. Once we add ads, thumbnails, social media widgets, etc, the score will start to act weird.


oh okay…btw thanks for helping at 1:30AM and replying so fast :heart: :smile:


I suggest you to install W3 total cache for optimizing your WordPress blog.

After installing w3 total cache plugin, Follow this guide to decrease load time of your blog.

Some tips from my side:

  1. Lower down the no. of posts in homepage.

  2. Remove render blocking JavaScript files. Follow the Post , It is written for WordPress

Optimize images

Minify JavaScript, CSS


will try…thanks :slight_smile:


Rajan Bro,

I am sure that your blog’s load time will be decreased after installing W3 total cache in your blog.

If you have any queries, Post it on HBB forum, There are many experts like @pradeepkumar to help you out


i have wp-rocket pro @Samba_Siva


You can follow this Thread Buddy :slight_smile: Only one step will change while configuring W3 Total Cache Plugin.
Over Optimization is Dangerous :smiling_imp: