How to create a landing page that converts?



It’s really quite easy if you follow


This is the way you lay a page out.

This is what that means and how it works…

P - Problem and Product

Must be above the fold on HD

What it is you are selling?

The “quick” version.

This goes at the top of the page. There are no social media buttons and no navigation clutter. Use white space well. It has a psychological effect as well as a clarifying one. Don’t get too busy with colors - but DO consider a video or strong image/set of images to do most of the work for you. Feel free to have a buying button on the right-hand side approximately 30% of the way down the page.

Above all KEEP IT SIMPLE at this point. This area is to sell an idea rather than a product. What problem is the product or service solve? This is all about building a relationship and looking professional (confidence building).

The thought process you want to evoke is:

“Yes, this is my problem, these people from this site understand my issue - oh and I see they have a product for it - great”

Feel free to have a small link here to the second T - read on to see what that is…

V - Value

Must be above the fold on HD

Why you? What is your USP? What is better for your product or service? Have you been on the market for years? Do you offer better service, faster delivery?

In other words - What is your value proposition?

This will normally be text based but don’t be afraid to add images if they help make the point. Have another buying button here, at the bottom of this section. Probably full width with branding.

P - Personality

Can be below the fold.

Note: If someone needs to know this they are a likely buyer.

Maybe not from you unless you do this right, but you have got them to scroll down the page. They have seen the product and you have told them why your version/sales/service is better than competitors. So why are they here - scrolling down the page?

Because they need reassurance. That you are real, that your service is legit.

Here is where you talk about yourself (as a business perhaps). Another image maybe - this time of you or your premises or your unique take on the product in some way.

The chances are the visitor has used the scroll bar on their browser to see this, this makes them a real prospect. Convince them you are real and will be there for them in years to come.

Have another buying button here, at the bottom of this section. Probably full width with branding.

T - Testimonials + Technical Information

Can be below the fold.

Testimonials - So they know the product, they know why yours is best, they’ve met you (or your business persona) Now what?

Well, the need a double dose of reassurance, this time NOT from you, but from your previous customers. If you have no previous customers then about the quality of the product or your work in other areas.

This needs to be from other people, it needs to be believable (true).

You can almost have as many as you want here. Go for it! 30 testimonials are better than 3.

Lay them out with a tagline such as “Great Product” - the name of the referrer then perhaps a link to the full testimonial on another page or revealed below using an HTML accordion etc. Whatever suits your theme.

Have another buying button here, at the bottom of this section. Probably full width with branding.

Technical Information

This aspect really depends on the product or service you are selling and is the biggest variable here. If it’s a simple concept or product, by all means, put the tech data here, on the landing page - at the very bottom.
Remember you might have linked to it with a scroll link in the first P at the very top, but it only goes at the very bottom or - if it’s a very technical product with lots of data a user is likely to need before making a purchase then a link to a PDF here.

Link to a PDF IS BEST! - Much better than a link to another page of your site. Any Office document can be converted to a PDF these days. There’s no excuse not to have one.

Create a small PDF and get it branded and have links to this and other product pages in it. Your contact details. Consider it a selling tool that exists on people’s PC’s even after they have closed your website. Have a section that follows these PVPT rules in it

Common Mistakes.

Putting elements of Value in the Proposition

Putting elements of Personality too high

Mixing the Testimonials with the Personality

Plan your page out beforehand and get it in this order.

How many sites use this layout?

Nearly every successful site uses a variation of this layout.

Now What?

I bet you read this in less than 5 minutes right?

So spend another 25 minutes looking at landing pages from a ton of websites in every niche you can think of. Look at them critically with these 4 - 6 elements in mind and see how the big successful companies both use this layout - and how each one differs slightly in terms of how they present. Get some ideas and scribble them down on Notepad or wherever. Then just think about it overnight - then tomorrow come out and create a killer landing page based on your creative skills and this proven formula.

And cash in!!!