How to copy protect from RSS feeds?

#1 the site is trying to copy my content from RSS feed how can I stop them?


Hi @Manoj_Chakraborty, try to email the author/owner first bro, if it’s not working, then you can file a DMCA complaint via Google. :slight_smile:

Even some web hosting providers take this seriously, you can find out who is hosting them, and you can contact them as well regarding this.


Same Problem is Mine Pradeep Bro :disappointed_relieved: !

But DMCA Will Be Helpful For Me…!

But End is Not Better, I have To File DMCA Complaint For Each Post On My Blog as a Website is Copying My Articles One By One, I think this is a Case Of Auto Blogging :frowning:


If you think lot’s of people copy paste your article from RSS feed, via some auto blogging tools, then why not create only summery of post in RSS page, like display only title, and in content tag, place only your meta description, so to read your whole post they have to come in your site.


@Goyllo Bro Can You Plzz Elaborate. It would be Helpful For Us :slight_smile:


Something like this.

Show only your post description(or short summary) in your rss feed. Don’t include full post content.