How to check WP Themes and Plugins for Malware



Is there any kind of Software or Website which can Scan Malwares in Wp Themes and Plugins.


These are the following online tools I would suggest for malware scanning, bro:

###1. Sucuri SiteCheck

This tool won’t scan individual files or folders, but it’ll scan your entire website and updates you if there are any malware related scripts. I used this to detect some weird scripts which were installed on my client’s websites, which was caused by a pirated nulled WordPress plugin.

###2. Kaspersky VirusDesk

This tool doesn’t work for malware/virus removal, but it’ll help you to detect them. Later I use this for cleanup purposes and secure the website further. You can upload your theme/template and plugin files here.

You can also use your desktop Antivirus or Internet Security software/app to scan your local folders for any malicious code. There are plenty of professional services for this as well, but use them during your worst case scenario.

HELPFUL: Where can I Download Premium but not Nulled WordPress Themes/Plugins?


TAC, Theme Authenticity Checker is a WordPress plugin which checks each and every file related to your website’s Current theme. It reverse Checks for the signatures of all the Malicious codes in their Database for accurate results.