How to Bulk Edit Published Post Dates in WordPress



I want to bulk edit my published post dates in WordPress, but I can’t manually do it as I have 300+ posts on my sites. What is the best plugin or solution to edit the dates of all my posts to a specific date? I did check @pradeepkumar 's thread about this but it ain’t what I want.

Also, is it okay (SEO or Spam wise) if I edit my post dates every 2 weeks? Or 1 week?


I wouldn’t suggest editing all the posts at the same time @a15 bro, it might look like ‘updated’, but it’s not a good practice generally. What you can do is, use a “Broken Links Checker” WordPress plugin and fix all the broken links, redirected links, etc… this plugin will update all the posts whenever you do this. :slight_smile:


Oh I like this solution, it’ll be a win-win situation! Thanks Bro <3