How to Build a Brand from Starting?


Hi Guys, I’m working on a Niche that has a huge potential to become a brand after a few years(Like HBB, SML). I want to do all possible things to take it to a next level within 1-2 years.

What Shall I do.?

P.S. I have a budget of around 5K/Month or even more.


That’s great @Rishabh! Best wishes. :slight_smile: Possible to reveal the “Niche”? Would be more helpful to share our feedback. If you have 5k/month budget for promotion and branding alone, then we can prepare a strategy to spend wisely.


Sure Bro. Its Crypto Currency.


I believe this site could really be a good product.


That’s a great niche bro. :slight_smile: You can definitely get inspiration from Harsh’s CoinSutra blog about the same. To build a brand from scratch, you need to prove yourself that you are an expert in cryptocurrencies, learn about trading/mining, involve yourself in this business for a while. After that, you can start a Facebook group and build your audience. That should be a good way to kickstart your brand!


Currently Im working on high quality articles. Shall I just focus on organic traffic as of now?

Make backlinks and all that regular stuff?


Yes bro, take this slowly, but right now this ‘cryptocurrency’ topic is viral as hell, so make the most out of this…