How To Bring Traffic from Other Country like USA & UK


Can Anyone Plzz Share How we can Target tier 1 or Tier 2 Country Traffic On Movie Blog ?

I m posting Bollywood Movies Realted Post On My Blog. Tried To Target Hollywood Movie’s But It Doesn’t Bring More Traffic !

@Pradeep Bro, How You are Targeting USA / UK Traffic For @Movies_Drop !


If Google thinks that your blog is exclusively for the Indian audience, then it’ll probably limit the traffic expansion bro… don’t worry if you are not getting much traffic, try to post as many Hollywood updates as possible. Try to rank for topics that are not widely searched, it doesn’t matter whether you get traffic from this or not, just rank for everything that’s easy. I’m sure once you reach a stage, you can experiment with other powerful keywords, initially, you’ll be ranking around 50, then slowly bring it to 25, then to the top 10 SERP.