How to be a good SEO?


How to be a good SEO?
Such as how to let your comment can be approval easier by the blogs owner?
I Know there is so many ways,but which ways would be more acceptable?
Do you have any suggestions?Please write down below,thanks! :slight_smile:


It is better to write long comments, Ask a question in comments other than writing comments like Nice post, Wonderful etc


Yup,I agree with your opinion! Very very good answer,thank you :blush:


Follow these tips @Annielewis. :slight_smile:

  1. Sign up for Gravatar and upload your original profile picture. This increases trust.

  2. In the comment box, use your full name in the “Name” section and your website’s homepage link in the “Website URL” section.

  3. In the comment field, like @Samba_Siva said, read the article thoroughly and ask some tempting questions. This will increase engagements and you’ll get good traffic to your website as well.


Thank you for the mention sir.

I have forgotten to write about Gravatar, But you have written about it.

You are really providing a good support for bloggers with this forum.

Sir, Is HBB a dofollow blog ?


The links inside the articles are dofollow, but the links inside the comments are nofollow. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the tips,these will certainly help me,haha:smiley:


The simple mistake most SEO guys doing is that they comment on articles without reading it. I recommend you to read the full article and list out some important points and than post lengthy meaningful comment. I have tried this and build 20 to 25 links through comments only within 2 to 3 days.

Some important tips

  • Subscribe important blogs to get notification and do comments once you get mail
  • Share article on your social media channel before posting the comments
  • Mention them while sharing the article on social media
  • If possible reply on existing comments as well on articles (Believe me it works)

This way you can build long term relationship with blog and helps you to publish guest article as well.


Thanks for your good suggestions,I got it :微笑: