How to backup wordpress blog or website?


(Mude Murali Naik) #1

hi friends,
wanted to know how to backup my wordpress blog. is there any plugins?

(Ratnesh Sonar) #2

Hello @muralimude,

In order to backup your WordPress based blog there are many plugins available in WordPress Repository. just search for term backup you will get tons of them.
here is link for your reference

my fav free backup plugin is UpdraftPlus

Hope this helps you


(Pradeep Kumar) #3

You can try the cPanel’s “Backup” option bro, it’ll backup the entire website account. You’ll get everything. :slight_smile:

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(Sachin Alam) #4

Use Managewp but it will automatically take backup after 15 days otherwise Updraft is good plugin if you site database is small.

P.S:- Pay some money to enable VaultR Automated backups coz backups are most importnt.