How much does on page SEO give boost to the rankings?


I see many blogs with big brand names have poor on page SEO. There are very few images, no videos.
Now if I write same article with more images and a video, how much does it help me to rank higher?


First let me clear you one thing.

That they make authority in the eye of google.

Thats why Google Ranks authority more than other sites.

Run a blog for long time Google will rank your post for sure only thing needed is Proper On PAge SEO Optimized article.

And this will work you for sure.


Only having more media won’t help when it comes to On-Page SEO, but it will help you to have lower bounce rate. I have around 10-11% bounce rate at

Regarding the top sites, they are mostly ranking because of high-authority.

If you want to beat them then you need to first analyze your competitors. Make a small excel sheet with the following information:

  • Top 10 Competitors
  • Total Backlinks each page has
  • Their DA, PA, TF and CF
  • The word count in terms of contents

Once you have all those data, work on an in-depth high quality article ranging from 2000-5000 words, nicely structured with a good on page SEO.

Then start working on Off Page SEO.

The above simple strategy will give you a good boost!


Because they are already popular and they have enough authority to rank bro. They just write/publish the content naturally. Focus on your content quality (yes, including On-page SEO) and improve your website’s authority… this will help you to rank higher. :slight_smile: