How much does on page SEO give boost to the rankings?

(Anvesh reddy) #1

I see many blogs with big brand names have poor on page SEO. There are very few images, no videos.
Now if I write same article with more images and a video, how much does it help me to rank higher?

(Sachin Alam) #2

First let me clear you one thing.

That they make authority in the eye of google.

Thats why Google Ranks authority more than other sites.

Run a blog for long time Google will rank your post for sure only thing needed is Proper On PAge SEO Optimized article.

And this will work you for sure.

(Udit Goenka) #3

Only having more media won’t help when it comes to On-Page SEO, but it will help you to have lower bounce rate. I have around 10-11% bounce rate at

Regarding the top sites, they are mostly ranking because of high-authority.

If you want to beat them then you need to first analyze your competitors. Make a small excel sheet with the following information:

  • Top 10 Competitors
  • Total Backlinks each page has
  • Their DA, PA, TF and CF
  • The word count in terms of contents

Once you have all those data, work on an in-depth high quality article ranging from 2000-5000 words, nicely structured with a good on page SEO.

Then start working on Off Page SEO.

The above simple strategy will give you a good boost!

(Pradeep Kumar) #4

Because they are already popular and they have enough authority to rank bro. They just write/publish the content naturally. Focus on your content quality (yes, including On-page SEO) and improve your website’s authority… this will help you to rank higher. :slight_smile: