How many products should I keep on my Dropshipping store?

I’m going to start my dropshipping process with Shopify and Oberlo but I’m confused with how many product items I should start my store? 1? 5? 10+? I’m confused a lot, I have a decent list with so many products but since my store is new I don’t know what to do now. Help!

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Okay, bro, my first tip would be much close you are to the products. Are you selling a product for a dog but you haven’t even tried or used that for your dog? That is not gonna help you when you answer your customer queries over Chat Support. It’s wise to either select the products you already have the experience, if not that, then order the products from your own store and start to use them. Don’t worry about the investment you are going to make here because you can use them to get product photos and use them for your store later.

Coming back to your main question, it’s entirely your personal preference I would say, along with the budget you have on mind for your store. If you have a single product store, you can focus your attention and budget towards that for marketing, but that wouldn’t mean you’ll earn more in this case compared to promoting 5-10 products on your store. Maybe you can start with 5 products, but always make sure you pick “less to moderate” level products in terms of price. Just keep two things in mind:

  • Don’t just start with $100 or more worth products. At least not now.

  • Don’t expect too much profit at the moment. If the original product’s price is $10, you don’t need to make it $50 or more.

Let us know how it goes. Thank you!