How many plugins can we use in our websites


Is there any limit in using plugins on our website.
What is the minimum numbers and maximum numbers.
Will that slow down our pages?
Also I came to know that some plugins will give a lot of problems to the sites, how can we find out which plugin is good and which one is bad, or troublesome.


Hai @PVAriel Good Morning bulk plugin installation affect our site performance Min 15 Max 25 is Enough bro
try P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) plugin it will help us find the plugins slowing down your WordPress site.


Like @mskian suggested, P3 is a good plugin to figure out whether your plugins are slowing down your blog’s performance mate.

And there isn’t any specific count for plugins bro, you just need to have a powerful fast server to match the needs. I would definitely prefer to use codes instead of plugins.


No limit but lower is better.
Use as less you can, no problem up to 25.


Good Morning @mskian Thanks a lot for the response to my query.
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Thanks @pradeepkumar for the response.
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Thanks @Hitesh for the kind response/suggestion.
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