How I grew my Facebook (GoT) pages and groups [Case Study]



Hi friends, I’ll be sharing my experience of growing Facebook pages and groups and I will concentrate on Game of Thrones as I love it and I have been building my GoT pages since few years. I’ll share all the things that have worked for me over the years and especially focus on things that I did to make sure I gained the most from the recently concluded season. So it might be possible that you might know about all these things. So consider it as a case study on how I build a page with 2M likes and a highly visited blog :stuck_out_tongue:

Before we start, I want to let you know that I am an extremely lazy person. Pradeep Kumar will completely agree as I had messaged him last month regarding this post and every time I used to think that I will write the post tomorrow and now it’s been over a month :stuck_out_tongue:

I am mentioning this coz I am very lazy to do any work, but I have been able to build a number of pages and groups revolving around GoT and I have used this to make sure that my GoT blog is among the top 2 (but I am very confident that it’s at the top) visited GoT blogs in the world. Game Of Laughs has 2.1 M likes and the page for the blog, Wiki of Thrones has 3.5 lakh likes. Looking at how Pradeep was building his groups, I started Wiki of Thrones India group last year and it has close to 30k members and this year I started Wiki of Thrones for people all around the world and it has 74k members.

All this was possible coz I haven’t given up even when things weren’t working well. I have seen people posting here saying that they are quitting blogging coz it’s been 6-12 months and they haven’t seen any results. I started my 1st casual blog in 2005 and properly focused on making money in 2009 and finally started earning money “properly” from blogging in 2015. So don’t give up just coz you don’t see the results quickly.

I started my first GoT page in 2013 and that gave me an advantage as most of the people didn’t know about the show back then but even then there were some pages that had started before me and were 2-3 times bigger than my page but now my page is about 10 times bigger than some of those pages. So the main thing to remember while building anything is to not give up. You can take a small break if you want to but come back and give it another try. So it’s imp that you like doing what you are doing otherwise it’s difficult to keep on trying when things are not going as expected.

Now, the imp thing that I did since the start was to interact with other page admins and we started helping each other to grow our pages. So, even when their pages were direct competitors of my page, we helped each other and that helped us to grow and we still are doing that. So don’t consider your competitors as your enemies. Try to find out how you can work with them so that both of you grow.

Other than that I have focused on good content to grow my pages. I have focused on my pages to drive traffic to my blog. So for me, it’s imp to ensure that my pages grow if I want my blog to get more visitors. I don’t rely on Google for traffic and I still manage to get 2M+ visits a month and during the latest season, my blog received 12M+ visits. During the season I used to spend at least 3-4 hours a day just to decide what content should get posted on the page. Also, I made sure I posted as much original content as possible (I also used content that was available online but even other pages were sharing it. However I had no competition for original content) and that helped me a lot as my page engagement was better than any other GoT pages. Even the official GoT page, which has 10 times more likes than my page had 3-4 times lesser post engagement.

My avg post was receiving 15-20k reactions during the season and at that time there were multiple posts every week that were crossing 100k reactions and some even crossed 200k reactions! There are many people who feel that we shouldn’t post a lot of content in a day or else it might become irritating for the fans but I used to publish around 250 posts a week, which is around 35 posts a day and that has never caused any issue. In fact, that boosted the page engagement and my posts received a lot of reactions.

I also spent money to create content that stood out from the content that others were sharing. For ex: I started posting gifs after every ep and they were about something imp that happened in the ep but were created in a funny style.

People loved these gifs and I was getting messages from people asking when the gif for the latest ep would be out. People were returning to the page just to see if the latest gif was released or not.

I usually don’t focus on twitter but before the season started, I started doing that as well and these gifs worked nicely on twitter. Even the official GoT account RTed a gif and it got 2k RTs in a day and that brought in lot of new followers and also lot of traffic to the blog.

Even the official Sky Atlantic (they have GoT rights for UK) account loved the gifs so much that they used to RT every new gifs.

I also did a tie-up with a standup comedian whose GoT vid review in Bengali style had gone viral. It didn’t become as popular as we had expected, but there are people who loved the vids and used to come back after every ep for that. So even that helped to create more awareness about my pages.

I made use of the Fb Camera Effects feature to create a number of profile picture filters or stickers or whatever you would call it.

The season is over but even now more than 50k people are using the effects on their profile pics and the best thing is that fb tags my page just below the profile pic and asks the people who see it to try it out. So that’s free publicity for my page.

Now I will share info about what I did to grow my groups.

So the most imp thing was my main page, which I have been growing over the years and I made use of it to grow everything around it. While posting anything that would get lot of reactions, I used to add a link to the group in the captions and asked people to join it. It helped a lot as the numbers went up quickly. For the worldwide page, I kept it public to see it there was any difference. It helped a lot as people could share any content that was shared in the group. As a result, the group reached 74k members in just 3-4 months. So keeping the group public made sense as there was nothing secretive that was being shared and had to be kept hidden from other people.

So, staying focused about what I want to do has helped me a lot in growing my pages, groups and my blog and it has helped me as well. Because of my GoT blog (and also because of writing GoT posts on HuffPo), I am now a verified twitter user

So make sure you stick to what you like to do and don’t give up easily and try adding some value.

I will end this post with a request and I hope Pradeep doesn’t mind it. I am looking for new writers for the blog and also someone who is good at editing vids. So do message me if you feel you are good at it.


Thanks for sharing the womderful information. its really helpful


Thanks for this awesome case study @rahuljrark, being a big fan of Game of Thrones I follow the page regularly. I have a small question, which might be helpful for the members as well, what are your strategies to do with the page once GoT ends?