How I can make use of Tumblr expired domains with high DA & PA



Recently I came across a blog which shared a way of getting juice from expired tumblr domains. Can someone share their experiences if that’s legit? If so, how can I make use of it?


Hey, bro. People prefer Expired Tumblr Domains because they are free to register and you don’t have to pay for any hosting or any sort of such things. I haven’t personally used this ‘effectively’ but most of my friends use this whole concept to build PBNs (Private Blog Networks), and by this, they created solid backlinks. People still do this in 2018, and they may also do this in 2019 and so on…

There are plenty of “Tumblr Expired Domains” finder tools out there, you just have to find the ones related to your niche, the anchor text matters a lot too.