How I am getting traffic without promotion?


Hello bloggers! Due to some reason, I was not able to focus on blogging. I just wrote an article and left the blog for some days, after some days, I saw that I am getting comments from who are non-Indian. Also when I opened my dashboard and checked the users, this is what i saw,

Now, there are 18 such foreign subs in my blog.
My question is…
How am I getting foreign traffic and subscribers when I am not even promoting the blog?
Are they really subscribers or they just seems?


It’s spam traffic, and the comments are not real, it’s generated automatically via some bots.

I suggest you should install/run comment protection plugins like Akismet.


Hello @Goyllo , I have already installed Askimet in my blog but still I can see some spam comments!
Do I need to reconfigure it?


You can try that as well. I will also suggest install some plugins which track visitors information(Referral source) like from where they are coming.

Google analytics and may be some other wp plugins can gives you such a information.


Me also install akismet . its blocks some of the spam comments only. In my website also received per day approximately 300 spam comments. Still i dont know how to solve it. I hope @pradeepkumar will help for all.


may be its just a spam do not get engaged with it