How find top post of any other blog?


Is there any way to find which blog post give hight traffic to the blog.


It’s not that easy to find the top pages of any website, but most of the SEO tools will give you an approximate idea though. You can use the trial versions of SEMrush, Moz or Ahrefs to find them. They work well. You can easily analyze your competitors’ keywords or top posts. But if you need to get a basic idea without signing up anywhere, then I would suggest Alexa.

At the right side, you can see the top 5 keywords from search engines. These are the search keywords which sends traffic to this website. If you want to find the keywords for which you are ranking for, you can use Google Search Console for that.


You can also try with ahrefs to find top pages of any blog



you can find that easily by ahref



Go to and paste your competitor blog URL and it will show you, Which keywords are top perfoming in search engines.

Then go to Google, type the keyword it provided and you can easily find the top performing page of your competitor’s blog.


Hi @pradeepkumar I fully agree with you, its not an easy task to find out that, I use Moz bar on my computer for having an overall check, of course, i check with Alexa too but I think Alexa is not showing it on an accurate base i suppose, and these days even the pro bloggers too never care about it and i have noticed even some of the top bloggers Alexa is very very poor comparing with some recently started bloggers or say some newbie bloggers.
How come this happen?
Pradeep can you have any idea on this, how come some top bloggers Alexa shows a very poor number but their PA and DA are on a higher side. What does this shows?


Alexa rank is pretty complicated these days bro, they don’t just see how much traffic you get per day, they analyze it for 3 months. This is what they say:


Yes pradeep,

Alexa is really a mystery. No one knows " How alexa works ".

My blog’s alexa suddenly get super improvement and sometimes, it will be increased higher and higher.