How Domain Name affects In Ranking On Top?


Actually, I Have A Doubt In Finding and selecting a domain name.
Suppose I Take " Blackmart Apk" as my Keyword
How & Affects on Ranking?

i have a similar keyword suppose “abc xyz” but is not available, but is available.

For which domain i should go?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Not much but it’s nice to avoid special characters in the domain name. Avoid them. hyphens were a lame tactic used by ancient SEO’s to focus on ranking two keywords (The time when Google showed different results for “black box” and “Black-box” search queries)


Honestly, it doesn’t matter a lot for SEO and stuff, but it affects your blog’s branding in the long run. If you want to make “Blackmartapk” as a brand, then avoid if possible. :slight_smile: