How does the renewal and transfer process work?



Suppose one of my domains is hosted at ProviderA.
I renew it, and the new expiration date becomes June 10, 2018.

Then I transfer it to ProviderB. The expiration date remains same. Is that expected? I would expect it to change to 2019, i.e., an extra year.


Hey bro, let’s say’s expiry date is July 19, 2017. If I transfer this to GoDaddy now, then I’ll get one year extra, so the new expiry date will be July 19, 2018 here.

GoDaddy extends the expiry date since we’ll be paying them for the ‘domain transfer’. :slight_smile:


Exactly. I just transferred from 1and1 to Godaddy. No extension :expressionless:


That’s strange bro, but how did you transfer the domain from 1and1 to GoDaddy? Using which link? And btw, which domain extension (.com, .net, .org, etc.) bro?


So it’ a .com domain. I renewed it at 1and1, extending the registration till 2018 June. Then I transferred it to Godaddy. After successful transfer, I don’t see the extended registration date (2019). It is still 2018.

The link which I used for transfer clearly mentioned that the registration will be extended for an year.


Contact the support and get an update asap bro. :frowning:

These are the only disclaimers I can find for GoDaddy domain transfer… it’s confusing now.


Already did. They are like the new date is already reflecting the extra year. Have asked me to check with 1and1 support.


:open_mouth: Bro, I have two questions:

  1. When did you renew The specific date?

  2. When did you migrate to GoDaddy? The specific date?

  1. june 9 2017
  2. Requested yesterday, approved today.


When you were about to transfer to GoDaddy, right that point of time, the expiry date should have been June 9th, 2018 right? So they should definitely give one extra year like they promised! :open_mouth:

Can we move this to Twitter bro? We can tweet and ask them directly!


Exactly. Had a call with the GoDaddy support. They are saying they recevied 2017 as date from 1and1, so it’s not their fault.

I am in touch with 1&1 support now.


Do kindly update us bro, looking forward to know what exactly caused this issue! :slight_smile:


So this happened.

I requested for a transfer within 45 days of renewing. When this happens, the renew is deemed invalid, and I am eligible for a refund from the service provider where I first renewed the domain (1and1 in this case).

Had a chat with their tech support, and a refund is promised within the next 2-5 business days.


Wow, that’s good to hear, at least we are getting back the money. :smiley:


It’s not just about the money, now we know one more thing regarding domain renewals and transfers :smiley:


Truee that! :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing this on our forum. :’)


Thanks for troubleshooting along with me :slight_smile: