How Can solve this AMP issue?



I was going through my Webmaster and Found Structure Data issue in AMP.


If you want you can check on Google AMP error checker.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi @Rishabh, can you kindly click on “Learn more about this issue” link and share that here bro? :slight_smile:


Here you go!

You can also check here bro…


You need to validate your blog’s CSS bro, try using inline CSS if possible.


Got the issue bro :slight_smile:

You’ve added too much css code as per respect of standard limits which is of 50000 bytes.

What you can do is either compress(minify) it or remove some styles from it.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Bro but this happened when I changed the theme. Previous theme was not showing such issues.

But the thing is I cannot contact theme support as I took from a friend of mine.


Have a backup for your CSS file and use this validator bro:

This is a pretty cool and will show all the errors/warnings, clear them and try once again. Remove unwanted comments from your code, that might help.


Or just compress it using :slight_smile:


You can manually edit the amp CSS file by going to Appearance > Editor, or you can use any theme editing plugin. This might help you.


Their is some clash between my theme and AMP.


On that note, what is the best way to get started with AMP for my WordPress blogs? Thanks! :slight_smile:


But before that, I would definitely ask “Why” AMP? :slight_smile:


I believe, it helps in higher SERP.


Kinda true, but still, I somehow feel we lack total control over our website, especially the way it appears… that’s the reason why I avoided Facebook Instant Articles as well.


Ya that’s absolutely right. Can you tell how much difference does AMP pages make?


I didn’t implement this on my primary blogs mate, so won’t be able to differentiate the traffic. I did this on our client’s website/blog once, I just need to check the Analytics and see if it helped or not. :slight_smile:


Would be glad if you can share a brief case study. It will be really helpful i believe. :slight_smile:


Agree on this, bro. But AMP holds good for blogs like TheNewsMinute, TelecomTalk who report daily.