How can I use the same content in multiple posts with different title?


The freeware software usually releases multiple versions. So in every update, we need to create a new post with new fresh content. But I view some site that is using the same content in every post with the different title, and necessary changes. They still indexed and ranked in Google, with good SERP.



How can I use this strategy on my blog?

I hope you understand my question? If you have still any query then please tell me about? FileParrots


@pradeepkumar bro please help to clear my concept…!


I can suggest you something that might help you, keep main post as it is and when it gets the new version change the title with the updated version and in the post mention the updates which have been made along with main content. While doing this be smart where you will show the updates, you can also make list of its various version. in the title part also you need to be smart to choose how you update the title


Bro, first and foremost, they are already a reputed website, so their ranking will always be good by default. But, it doesn’t mean that we can’t beat them, we can beat them, but it’ll take time and authority.

You can implement the same strategy on WordPress as well, you just need to assign ‘download_ccleaner’ as the parent directory/category and keep the post username as ‘76624’. :slight_smile:


Hi @pradeepkumar @Pavan_Kulkarni

I Just try to implement the logic mentioned above in these posts. The content is about same in all of these posts.


Is this okay, Am I doing right? I also use the “canonical tag”. @pradeepkumar


Bro, the links you have mentioned, they look like blog posts bro, maybe you can do something like what FileHippo did, custom pages for software versions. :slight_smile:


When you say post username, do you mean post slug?


Yesss, something like that. :slight_smile: