How can i improve my site traffic?


My blog traffic decreasing :sweat: can anyone tell me the reason?
Site: Techkeyhub


Google New Algorithm update going. So, Some blogs traffic decreased. :sweat:


After having your site be active and running, you need to promote it in order to get visitors as well as traffic. There’re many ways you can do to promote your site and get traffic, on both free methods and paid methods.

Free methods such as: Doing SEO, Social Media Content sharing, Youtube sharing, Facebook Content (Fanpage, Group), Twitter, Google+, Pinterest,…and many other channels that give you free using and promotions

Paid methods such as: Doing SEM such as Google Adwords, GDN, Solo ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, banner ads,…

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So that, it depends on your budgets then you choose which methods can give you the most effective. Or you need to combine between free & paid methods in order to get the highest effective results

I hope this helps.