How can I find freelancer content writer?


I find it hard to find a content writer for the blog. What is the best possible way to find a content writer?


Bro, for our Slashsquare blog network, we rely on people who are extremely passionate about two things: 1) Content Writing 2) Or just love a specific topic, let’s say “Food” in General. I always pick people with any of these qualities, whenever I pick anyone else who writes for pure money, I end up with unnecessary discomfort at the end.

To find such writers you just need to browse a lot and read online. It can be Quora,, or any random blog. If you really like their content, you can message or email them and ask if they are interested in content writing for your blog. We also have HBB [Buy/Sell] Group where you can find plenty of talented writers.


Dude there are tons of content writer groups on Facebook only thing is you need to have enough money to pay them. Join those groups and post your requirements, you will be flooded with requests. Happy blogging.