How can i Build links to my blog?



Guys please help me,

After reading alot in blogs like Moz, i came to know that backlinks are necessary for ranking.

But, I don’t know, How to build backlinks for my newly started blog ?


Hi @Samba_Siva, I would suggest you to follow these basic methods first:

  1. Pick high PA (Page Authority) relevant blog posts, and comment there. Please don’t comment just for backlinks, read the post, and involve in the discussions.

  2. Pick high DA (Domain Authority) relevant blogs, and write guest articles.

  3. Register on social bookmarking websites like StumbleUpon, Reddit, etc. Treat them just like Facebook and Twitter, be active and add valuable information.

Follow these 3, and I’m sure your blog’s backlinks will be increased… thus the DA. :slight_smile:


Agree with you @pradeepkumar, Blog commenting is the most effective way to increase backlink for me.

In my blog, After published any blog post I am searching the website which is rank on top 10 with that keywords. And do comment on that site, very helpful trick for me.


Yes Kevin ,

After Pradeep posted the reply, I went on searching for " How to build backlinks to my new blog ’ On google. Finally, I found that, Blog commenting is really on of the best and easiest way to build links.

Thank you pradeep for helping me out.


one of the easiest method is forum profiles and comment backlinks. This video will be helpful to you.


Use this sites to make backlinks with good juice:

also find active sites and comment there and make it look natural.
find auto comments approval sites and also try to make few comment luv backlinks,


Ok after reading this thread I don’t feel the answers given here are up to the mark.
Firstly there are not a lot do follow comment blogs. If you find them it’s like finding an rare Pokemon.
So let’s not go for just commenting.

Nextly I would recommend you go to the same niche or topic website read some posts and if you can put an guest post. Contact the webmaster and put in your guest post req. Surely you will get an response it would either yes or no. You can contact as many as you want.

This has made me get more backlinks than ever - create some awesome inforgraphics (infographics are usually images …You can mostly find them on Pinterest). Email the same niche bloggers about the infographics. If they want to use your infographics tell them to give an source back to you.
You can easily send one infographics to hundreds of blogs.

So tell how this works for you.

Or else you can find dead links and send them your link to replace.

Here is the last thing - I’ve wrote the answer as it works much simpler way. Yes it does but it depends on how you take it into process. Your email should be well built. Don’t go like - “Hey this link is dead replace this with mine.” It will not work.

Be great while approaching.
If you need an good email template then PM me.



You shared a very good post bro. Yes, It will surely help me in Building links for new blog easily.


Hi bro i found one site which is similar to my niche. It has good rank in google search results but from past two months the website is parked and just showing related links? Any chance to get a backlink from it???


It’s just a parked inactive domain name bro, don’t focus on building backlinks via this…