How a random person got a backlink from my blog easily!

(Pradeep Kumar) #1

I always feel skeptical to give backlinks just like that, I think twice or even thrice whenever I do that… but this time, I gave a backlink and I got a backlink. :’)

A few days back, I got an email from someone saying:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I found one of my photos on your website with incorrect attribution. The original photo, (which I own the license to) is located here: (for example)

And the incorrectly attributed instance of the image is on this page: (for example)

I got shocked and opened the article, but I correctly attributed the image credit to the “Flickr” website + User. I thought this is fine for the image credit, but what this person did was, she approached me and told me that this image belongs to her (the one she created) and she wanted to have a backlink to her own website, not via Flickr.

After some conversations, I thought it’s her own image, she took time to create it and if I want to use this on my website, then I should credit it where she wants me to credit it. Fair enough. I gave her a ‘dofollow’ backlink to her website.

This ended there. But, I was kinda surprised by seeing her approach and request for the backlink. It’s definitely just a simple email, but it triggered my attention and ended as a backlink.

I decided to try this on my own and see how it works. There is a term for this and it’s called “Image reclamation”.

If you have the habit of creating your own images, let it be screenshots, modified pictures, infographics, etc. What you can do is, you can upload them on portals like Flickr, Imgur, or even on your own websites. I love watching movies and I take plenty of screenshots to use for my website articles.

Being a curious cat, I opened a popular article on MoviesDrop, downloaded a few images and used Google Image Reverse Search for them.

I saw 2-3 websites using those images and giving image credit to, it felt good, like, I got a few backlinks for this. But, I saw another website, which used our image, but didn’t give proper credit. I was confused whether I should do something or not, but I just simply messaged them on Twitter and told them that they used the image (they found on my website) for their article, so a linkback (credit) will be appreciated. I shared the example of websites already doing this. They didn’t take this seriously, but a second message from me got their attention and they decided to give the backlink via image credit. This is how it looks now. :’)

Though it’s not a keyword-rich backlink, it’s a powerful one and will be useful for your website’s overall authority. Do try this on your own and let me know the results. :’)

(Sumit Gupta) #2

Thanks for letting us know…
i will try it. <3

(Rajan Rai) #3


Nice way To Create Backlinks :slight_smile:

Thanks @pradeepkumar bro For Writing This Sweet Words Article, will Implement this Method On My Own Blog…!

(Praneet Thakur) #4

Thanks or telling great trick to get backlinks

(Shubham SpawN) #5

Great One Amazing way will surely try

(Noman Qureshi) #6

New idea. Thanks, @pradeepkumar Bro…!

(Shashank Srivastava) #7

Great Method @pradeep kumar bro
I will surely try this.


(Arun Sathiya) #8

Which MoviesDrop image was this?

(Pradeep Kumar) #9

A random image from this article bro. :’)

(Gopikrushna Sahoo) #10


Great way to get backlink.

Thanks for this post.:heart:

(Sai Krishna) #11

yeah this was happen with me two times and then i give them for their image credits (owner) but i can’t give them do follow because i am using blogger platform…

(Shivam Pokhriyal) #12

Thankyou Pradeep bro for this wonderful idea.

(Navdeep Singh) #14

great way to attain backlinks Thanks for this tack