Hosting Transfer from godaddy to vapourhost



hey guys i want to change my hosting from godaddy to vapourhost my website is i just started this website and i am getting lot of traffic but in my starter hosting my website getting crash every time and i dont want to give bad impression at my new visitors so please help me guys i already purchased power plan from vapourhost please help me guys to change my hosting


Hey, bro. You can ask the VapourHost support team to do this for you. I hope they can provide free migration services. If not, let us know, we’ll guide you the steps further. Always take a complete backup on your end before proceeding. :slight_smile:


They are responding me back please pradeep sir help me i want to transfer my full wordpress website to vapourhost hosting if you can then please help me i purchased hosting just we have to transfer the host will full backup


First, Download your website source from Godaddy and upload it to new hosting.
Next, Export Database from the old server and import it to the new server.
Config new database name & username in the wp-config.php