Homepage is getting indexed instead of post



My last two posts are not getting indexed by Google, instead of that my homepage is getting indexed for the keywords of those posts.


This is a pervasive issue, bro, but it can be fixed, I would like the answers for:

  1. How old is your blog?

  2. How long does it usually take for your posts to get indexed properly?

  3. Are you publishing ‘reviews,’ ‘news,’ ‘tutorials,’ ‘how to,’ or what kind of posts exactly?

  1. Blog is just 3-4 months old
    2, Mostly in 1-2days as I target mostly for low keywords
  2. Reviews, Its an amazon affiliate blog


Okay, bro, thanks for sharing. I think these might be the reasons:

  1. Your blog is pretty new. It’s just a few months old.

  2. You picked a niche that is already crowded and occupied by plenty of other folks.

  3. Your blog’s overall backlink strength (authority) is less.

Google’s SERP is pretty tricky. We think we understand them, but a few minutes later they’ll implement a new SEO algorithm and make us look like fools.

Before focusing on getting ranked or indexed, let’s do something else:

  1. If you are going to publish an article about, say, “XYZ Review,” then find other articles (which are already indexed) on your blog and do interlinking. It’s way too powerful than we think. Interlinking inside our blog is a good navigation system, and Google appreciates it.

  2. Submit your blog links to Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) regularly after publishing. Social Signals matter a lot. Google SERP’s Twitter segment is properly optimized for this too.

  3. Submit your blog posts to Social Bookmarking websites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, etc. Just be a natural member there and do this. This helps a lot too.

  4. You can manually let Google know about your new content initially. You can follow this easy procedure for that.

  5. If you think your website is having crawling issue, then you can recrawl your website and articles for indexing once again!

Apart from all these, make your hosting connection is good and you don’t have any downtime as well.

After implementing all these, you can track when your blog posts are getting indexed and see if your strategies are working out or not. Let us know if you have any queries, bro. :slight_smile:


cool bro, You have implemented interlinking within this post itself :wink: , Will edit the posts to do this in my blog.

I was already sharing My links to my social media pages.

I will try to follow all the steps you have mentioned.
Thank You, Bro :blush: