Hey Bloggers, Tell us about your Productivity Hacks?



Please brief us about your productivity hacks?

Like, share mobiles app, chrome extensions, mac apps that you use for being productive?
Also, productivity hacks, tips and if you use the technique like Pomodoro, Please share.


This is a good topic @vaibhavmule. :slight_smile:

The 3 apps I regularly use for Productivity:

1. CloudApp

I use this app to take instant screenshots and they will be automatically converted into our branded short URLs (powered by Bitly), like this: http://s.pradee.ps/ogMf

We also have the option to edit the screenshot, add annotations, and save it.

2. Tweetbot

We have multiple Twitter accounts for our brands, so Tweetbot is quite handy, the best part is, they automatically convert original URLs into our custom-branded short URLs.

3. Safari (Private Window)

In Google Chrome’s Incognito mode, if I open Facebook on one tab, then my next tab will also have access to Facebook, whereas, in Safari, I can open another Facebook account, it’s the same for Twitter and other portals. In this screenshot, we opened multiple Bitly accounts.