Help! Want to add news section


Let me be clear about my plans.
I want to start an news section. I also do have blog section. My website is an educational niche oriented.
But now I want to further expand as I want to add news. But here what should I do.
Should I get an subdomain or
What will be good to rank?
But I want to add amp just to news section not to my whole website.
Also I’ve read that I have to create separate sitemaps for news. What’s the procedure to get Google news approval.
I know this are much longer questions but one or the other somebody is going to ask. Pleases answer me in deep and will also help others.


Hi @Soham_Pratap, can you share your blog URL please? I would love to see your existing content first. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t suggest a sub-domain or /news/ format bro… just a new category should be fine I believe. You can check out ScoopWhoop, they publish ‘viral’ or ‘story’ kind of posts, but they are also publishing ‘news’ articles but under the same domain name itself.

#3 is the domain that I want to add …
I also purchased an Genesis framework with education pro…But haven’t added as I’m busy with exams…


Just introduce a new category for ‘news’ and post it bro, I wouldn’t suggest a sub-domain or sub-directory for this. If you have a good budget, you can also buy Yoast News SEO plugin as well.


@pradeepkumar I researched a lot but could not get that satisfying answer. Yoast news is good. But is there any other option to get started.

As this particular thread will help people like me and all.


Don’t apply for Google News now bro, just focus on publishing ‘news’ kind of articles and get good search traffic first, that’s all. The only issue I think you might face is… your URLs:

This is one post:

So just make sure you don’t publish anything similar to this one for your next post, I mean, the permalink shouldn’t look similar in any way…


Using Yoast News SEO plugin can help in getting featured in News in SERP?

Or in this:


Yoast SEO ‘News’ plugin might not guarantee this bro, but it’s a plugin which will optimize your website’s sitemap for Google News and other similar portals, which is essential. :slight_smile:


To get your articles on Top stories section on the Google, you must need a verified news site by Google.
Also, you need to work on Schema and Structured data of your site.

Refer 2:

Thank you for your understanding.


I have strong Schema Integration



I have reviewed the structural data of the site []. You missing some markup.

Kindly use Testing tool to check same from your end.

Tip: Using AMP will help you. (for Mobile users)