Help me ranking a mid competition keyword


I want to rank these post on the keyword "Dsploit apk"
but it is having Naagin dance in search results, Created some backlinks and done 2-3 Guest post also but still it is not ranking on the given keyword :slight_smile: On other hands also linked this post with my site other related post which help in On page SEo and my site content is unique and it has the largest word count compared to competitor with all relevant data about the topic
Help me out Pradeep sir and other Hellbound members slight_smile
Post to rank -


First and foremost, I would suggest you disable tag indexing @Praneet_Thakur

Your article is ranking only if I copy the URL and search it in Google, it’s not the same if I copy the title and search bro. :frowning:

Don’t target “Dsploit apk” keyword now, target all the possible related & relevant keywords… try these:

Note: I think it should appear as “dSploit APK” instead of “Dsploit apk” bro, this matters a lot, at least for your readers.

  1. Download dSploit APK

  2. dSploit APK download

  3. dSploit APK Android

  4. dSploit APK App

  5. dSploit APK latest version

And other commonly searched keywords… and apart from these, there are two things missing in your article: Comments and Social Shares. Increase them naturally. The more relevant comments you have about “dSploit APK”, the easier it’ll be for Google to rank it better. :slight_smile:

Keywords not ranking anywhere in google

Bro, Like pradeep sir, Said.

Target a long tail keyword

At the same time, Try build a high quality backlink with your keyword as an anchor text. But don’t over do it.