[Help] I want to earn 15,000 INR by the end of the next month


Hello pro bloggers,
I need some advice from you guys by the end of the day I want to earn 15000, I am not hungry for money but I need them and I want to earn them on my own. I need advice based on my skills what can I do to earn it?

What all I know.
I know some basic SEO
I can type at 70words per minute
I am good at english
I can work 6-8 hours a day

please guide me, delete if this is not allowed


Do some good paying project at Fiverr or Freelancer then you can earn good bucks there.


I just edited the post with “INR” bro, not to create any confusions. :slight_smile:

I assume you are either studying or working at the moment right? I hope it’s the former most probably. Don’t worry, you can allocate 6-8 hours per day for this. These are my suggestions:

1. Domain Flipping: What you have to do is, research thoroughly, and register catchy domain names, probably related to “Sports,” “Fashion,” etc. The areas where finding a good domain name will be difficult. You can just register a .com domain name for $1 (more or less), and you can sell them for at least 10x or 20x your investment. You can also do this with Expired Domains having good DA.

2. Content Writing: You said you can type 70 words per minute, that’s really good, but it won’t be much use here. But since you told me you are good at English, maybe we can do Content Writing along with your basic SEO experience. Instead of pitching yourself as a guest author, I want you to write something exclusive and detailed beforehand, then sell it.

Take this topic for example:

“How to disable or move away from Google AMP Completely?”

This is one of the most frequently asked questions out there, so what you can do is, you can write a detailed tutorial about this and pitch it to Bloggers (even to me). Along with that, you can promise (pinky promise) that when you write guest articles on other blogs, you’ll link this guest article (written on my blog), thus generating a few decent backlinks for free. Be professional and be true.

3. Affiliate Marketing: There are so many platforms & products out there for this. Take this, you can help a Blogger.com or WordPress.com blogger to migrate, moving their content to WordPress.org, in return, you can request them to use your hosting affiliate link. You can also sign up on AppSumo, Amazon Associates, etc.

These are the easy ones I can think of bro, let me know your views, and I’ll try to add more…


Thank you bro, for giving your precious time to write such a lengthy article. I will research about these topics. Can you explain where can i do domain flipping?


Hi @Sky755 You can try flipping domains on sites like Flippa. Flippa would charge some commission. Also you could try selling them on Buy and Sell groups on Facebook (read the group rules before posting) - Link 1 Link 2 Link 3


This May Not Relate To SEO

Just Learn Cracking And Resell Them

I Do Same I Earned 12K In This Month.This Is My Frist Month Of This Business

Do Sell Them In Fb Groups Or Selly.gg


what kind of cracking? software cracking?


You can sell them on Flippa or like @sai.cosmo mentioned, you can try those Facebook Groups as well bro. :slight_smile:


No Bro.Premium Accounts Cracking

Crack Them And Find Login Details And Sell Them

For Reference See My Account Store Started It 4 Days Back And Made $22 In These 4 Days


But bro these accounts are not reliable i mean they can be blocked any time. Who will buy them then?


It Depends On The Site.Netflix Has Higher Security Towards Faurd Controll But When It Comes To Grammarly You Can Change Mail And Gain Full Access (Except For Lifetime Accounts)


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Thank you for doing all this bro, thanks a lot


You can Go for Blaster.blastingnews.com
They pay atleast $5 per post
Write about politics and share that post in subreddit politics
They pay for views too :smiley:
And find writers for them via your referral link they pay $25 each :wink:


Im Selling Grammarly Premium Accounts For $1

You Can Resell Them To $5 Or More And Earn 4x

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Unlike other answers, I will keep this post extremely straightforward in the hope that you will gain some massive benefits out of it.

We all want to make money, right?

However, we all struggle to answer one simple question.

What do we love the most?

Most youngsters are fascinated with all the fancy glorying online income. However, there is a world outside online as well.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What do I love the most in life?
  2. What am I best at?
  3. What skills do I have that others don’t?

Once you are able to answer the above three question, you will be in a much better shape to take the next step.


Here I will take an example of my life and how I crafted my journey.

When I was 16 years old, I used to love graphic designing. I was making free graphics for people on Facebook and everywhere. That’s when I realized there is a potential in this market.

I started developing my skills to become at Photoshop.

I will leave all my PC all night long to download few YouTube videos (I was using 128Kbps connection back then).

I will spend all my time learning and develop my skills for something I was passionate about.

That led me to find opportunities where customers wanted me to handle their graphics work, and in return, they were paying me.

My first income was $30, I will never forget that ever in my life.

My passion led to me developing my skills that resulted in more opportunities.

10 years later, here I am! :slight_smile:

You can do the same!

No one can help you make 15,000 INR per month unless you are willing to ask yourself what are you passionate about and how do you plan to spend your time on developing a skill towards your passion.

I hope this helps you take a better decision and you will hit 15,000 INR a lot sooner than expected now.

Udit Goenka