Heading tags and how to use them in a blog post?


hey,guys i hope your doing well today i was writing a blog post i have installed yoast seo plugin so how many headings tags should i use for ex. h1,h2,h3, and so on need your help sir @pradeepkumar and how to use them bcoz we cant use more heading on focus keyword otherwise it will be keyword stuffing.


Use only one h1 per page and that you might already used in your blog post title.

You can use multiple h2 per page. But make sure you add some content after h2 tags.

And use some common sense, like when you do any Google search then you get mostly those results who place multiple h2 tag, and use keywords everywhere?. No I don’t see that kind of results often, it means Google is pretty clear to understand what is the page about.

There is no any clear definition like how many h2 and h3 you need to use. If someone say with specific number then I consider they just start learning SEO.

I suggest to read this and this answer.


@Goyllo thanks a lot u gave the great answer thanks a lot again


Hi @Ismail_Memon, forget about Yoast SEO plugin for a while bro… This is what we follow usually:

Consider an article (list post) like “Best Horror Movies Based On True Stories.”

<h2>Best Horror Movies Based On True Stories</h2>

<h3>1. The Conjuring</h3>

<h3>2. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)</h3>

And it goes on...

After writing the article, read it once again as a reader and check whether you feel odd while reading the article, if you didn’t, then the article is good enough for publishing bro. :slight_smile: