Have you tried this Keyword Research tool from Bing (Microsoft)?



“Bing Webmaster” (http://www.bing.com/toolbox/webmaster) is one of the most underrated SEO tools on the web, know why? Because Bing.com is underrated as well. :\ Google is the most preferred search engine for all, but still, Bing.com is powerful and majorly present on all the Windows Laptops out there. So it’s wise to give preference to this as well.

We already shared a method to find the list of keywords you are already ranking for with the help of Google Search Console.

Talking about Bing, I have been checking out their “Webmaster” panel recently, it’s really good and if you want to analyze your website’s performance in Bing search results, then you should definitely have a verified account here.

I used this tool (Keyword Research) for ranking some of my posts on Bing.com search engine, as you can see, they have plenty of options to filter, and it’s quite interesting to experiment. Do check this out if you haven’t. :slight_smile:

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Could u explain me abt keyword research

yes I use it
its pretty well but compared to others sucks alot but still its the only one available for bing so cant compare much.