Google scans the Keyword(s) in your Images for ranking! [Screenshot]


This is something most of you might know, but if you haven’t, then here is a small example, which I encountered recently. I often search my name and my blogs’ names on Google whenever I feel bored.

Quite recently I did the same for “Pradeep” + “MoviesDrop” on Google.

I was just browsing the search results, and I encountered my friend’s blog there, so I quickly opened it and started to read. It was about the Facebook’s GIF feature in posts and comments… there I saw this picture:

I couldn’t find my name or my blog’s name as ‘text’ anywhere in the article.

Google just scanned the entire page, including the image, found that it contains the term “Pradeep” and “MoviesDrop.” Being a curious cat, I even opened the source code and searched, but it was not there.

This is something you should definitely keep in mind when you are doing SEO for your blog content, people often focus on the text part, but they ignore the images.

Using Quora for Basic Keyword Research & Analysis!

This truly is an amazing research
Atleast for a newbie like me ;_;
PS: Time to start kw stuffinf in images xD


Wow looks amazing, and I think this is matter of ALT Tags. Though I want to know about that what keywords should we use in ALT Tags ?

The keywords related to post or the blog title/brand name ? :grinning:


If it’s about “Alt” tags, then we should have found the keyword in the source code, right bro?

Obviously, the keywords related to what the image is… that’ll give you more meaningful impact.