Google Index Status Count Goes Down. Why?


Index Status count to goes down.

Why? Any specific reason


Can you go to your Search Console > Sitemaps and share this screenshot bro?

Or you can tell me how many submitted and indexed? :slight_smile:



Here it is… Only Submitted, No Indexed :disappointed_relieved: Why?


I can see this ‘error’ or ‘warning’ icon in the screenshot you shared bro. Via which plugin you generated this sitemap once again? Can you share the sitemap URL pls? And when did you submit this sitemap to the Search Console?


Created with Yoast SEO

Sorry gave you the https link sitemap that i submitted yesterday.

Here is the sitemap of


Google officially says this bro:

“If you see a sudden drop in the number of indexed pages, it might mean that your server is down or overloaded, or that Google is having trouble accessing your content.”

“Spikes or dips that appear in several charts can indicate problems with site configuration, redirects, or security.”

If you recently migrated from ‘http’ to ‘https’ or been experimenting with that, then it’s quite normal. Your traffic wasn’t affected much right?