Google Adsense warning message regarding policies


hi friends
today i recieved a warning message from google adsense. i cant understand it. can anyone explain this.


Let me tell you why they warn you?

Suppose some users reading your content, and they accidentally click on your ads(May be you’ve place ads near any button or when user scroll your page in mobile they accidentally click on it), and when user click back to your page, then Google collect that data, and they think publisher may have place ads in wrong place, which lead to wrong clicks for advertiser.


what i can do am using one plugin for placing google ads. so automatically it shows like that i think


Shall i know which plugin are you using ??

Can you send the link ?


AdSense Has Send You this warning as Your Ads are Covering the content…! And It create confusion b/w ad and Content

You can use wp-quads Plugin To Properly Insert ad in Your Site Or Insert Ads In your Theme…

This May be the Reason :’)


You can try “Ad Inserter Pro” bro. :slight_smile:


I am already using adsense inserter free version bro. its work very nice for me.

if your content having length words . dont worry it will placed the ads with correctly.

Content length is very less and use more than 3 ads means . its shows only the ads fully on the post or page. thats why google warns it.