Google AdSense showing Blank Ads on your Website? Let's talk!



First and foremost, kindly make sure AdBlocker is disabled on your browser.

We all make this silly mistake often.

Next, if your blog or website is pretty new, then it’ll show “Yellow Box” ads sometimes instead of “Normal Ads” or “Blank Ads,” we discussed that here.

But, Google AdSense displaying blank ads? All of a sudden on a normal website? Let’s discuss!

This is common for all the websites and blogs, including WordPress, Blogger, Forums, etc.

1. Enough Content: Make sure you placed the AdSense Ad Code on a section which has enough content (mainly text) for the advertisements to appear naturally. If your blog consists of just images and videos, then it’ll be hard for Google to create ads according to that.

2. Enough Traffic: Make sure those pages/sections are getting decent traffic. This is something we often underestimate. Your ads will appear adequately if you have enough content + good traffic on your page. If it’s an empty page + not enough traffic, then your ads will be messed up.

3. Correct AdSense Code: Make sure you have the right AdSense code! You might modify it a bit for responsiveness, but please make sure it’s correct before you place them. If you have created a 300x200 ad block, then make sure you post it in a place which can accommodate it, if not, then also issues like this will occur.

4. Any Plugins? Using any WordPress plugin or any extension to add AdSense ads on your blog? Do check that as well and see if it’s working correctly.

5. Check Different Browsers: Sometimes our AdSense code will appear appropriately on Google Chrome, but it won’t appear properly in Firefox. So use all the popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc. Try clearing the cookies/cache as well. You can ask your friends to check and verify as well. Check this on your mobile as well.

6. Banned or Suspended? Last but not least, do check your AdSense account “Policy Center” to see your Account Status, maybe they temporarily disabled ad serving on some specific posts or they banned the account, it could be anything, so do take a look at that too.

Faced Blank AdSense issues on your blog? Did you do anything to fix that? Do kindly share your experience with us!